The World
Series of
Fitness Racing

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The best athletes of the HYROX world go head-to-head in Manchester.
Who will become the new world champion of fitness racing?

Friday | May 26

Opening ceremony
us USA – 12:20 pm
gb UK – 5:20 pm
de Ger – 6:20 pm

ELITE 15 womens race
us USA – 2 pm
gb UK – 7 pm
de Ger – 8 pm

ELITE 15 mens race
us USA – 3:15 pm
gb UK – 8:15 pm
de Ger – 9:15 pm

Our Sport is Hyrox

Our Sport is Hyrox

HYROX: The Sport of Fitness Racing that you have always been training for.

With over 40+ global races in 2023 seeing over 90,000 athletes & 50,000 spectators, welcome to the World Series of Fitness Racing.

Are you ready to take your training to the next level & join the #HYROXFAMILY?

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